A taboo subject, a restlessness, a Yoni Massage: “The sacred Portal”.

Who tells you about this? Few people.

Today we want to tell you what is a Yoni Massage? How do we do a Yoni Massage in our Erotic Massage Center Dharma Massages? And what gives you a Yoni massage?
That is becoming so popular, but few know how to do it or what is it for, no one is going to sit over a cup of coffee to discuss the topic.

Now, let’s start, what is a Yoni Massage?

A massage and top ut it simple is nothing more than a ceremony in which a woman is invited to make contact with herself and her noble parts.

The intention of the massage is to heal, awaken and transform.

It is true; it is still a massage, like the one that receives the rest of the body, but at the same time in the genital area.
In this case, the sexual part is not included. We focus (both the masseuse) and the receptor in the healing and in the space so that the emotions arise (to feel and experience them).
The idea is to keep the conscience active and there is a clear communication about limits and sensations between who receives it, and who gives it.

How do we do a Yoni Massage in Dharma Center for Erotic and Tantric Massage in Madrid?

We tell you how we included this massage in a combined massage session (See previous post) Tantric – erotic.
After performing a relaxing massage on both sides of your body to which we add a lot of sensitive contact between receiver-masseuse, we start the Yoni Massage.
Always maintaining the state of consciousness and your consent, our masseuse will begin to massage your genital area with several techniques we mention below:

Some techniques that we share with you…

Circling or circular movements: it is as its own name describes it. Make genuine and gentle circles, thus stimulating the clitoris and nipples. Circles of different sizes are created with the tips of our fingers on your body.
Pushing & Pulling or Pull and Push. The name seems quite aggressive, but on the contrary, it is quite nice. In the area of ​​the clitoris and with the tip of our index and thumb fingers and gently, we pull and push down.
Tugging & Rollin or Pull and Roll: a continuation of the previous one, but this time “pulling-rolling” the clitoris. Also your lower and upper lips. Brilliant!

Come on…

Tapping: They are small and soft touches on the clitoris. With different fingers, at different rates.
G-spot or G Spot Massage: This is already to finish the Yoni massage.
And a point that cannot be overlooked. Massage the female G-spot and the inner side, and is gently stimulated with your fingers (or with an erotic toy of preference), making movements at alternated speeds and without forgetting the clitoris.


In short, it is a unique and unrepeatable experience. You will not always feel the same, but it is quite liberating (tension and emotionally speaking) that does not aim to reach the climax,

but if you let yourself go, we assure you that it will be very positive.

What benefits can a Yoni Massage give me?

Education. It is a topic that nobody talks to you about and it is unknown by most how extremely beneficial it is.
Release of tension and emotions.- Helps overcome certain traumas perceived at some point (physical and / or mental).
General body relaxation.- It is an excellent activity to generate confidence and intimacy.
– And more.


We are sure that this topic has much more to offer, but not everything can be written, so, we invite you to try it at our Erotic and Tantric Massage Center in the Center of Madrid,

With the best erotic and tantric masseuses willing / to enforce your deepest fantasies …