Every day it is becoming more popular among Oriental massage techniques. Its Name: NURU, meaning?

Today we explain what a Nuru Massage is, how we do it in our Erotic Massage Center in Madrid, and what benefits does it give you?
Among our Erotic Massage Services you can find the Nuru Dharma Massage, few know it or have heard of it, but even so we always end up explaining it, and when they choose it they have no doubt that it is one of the best massages they have tried, and Of course it is!
This massage is brilliant. It activates all the senses, makes you vibrate like never before and in good company everything feels good.
That is why in Dharma Massages we make sure that our erotic masseuses master this much-requested technique.

 What and how is the Nuru Massage? 

Yes, it is an erotic massage but with several differences with respect to conventional Tantric and erotic massages.
It is a technique originally from Japan where the masseuse is willing to use “everything” (yes, everything!) their body on you.

Hands, arms, forearms, knees, legs, buttocks, feet.

The entire body of the masseuse is literally in contact with your body constantly thanks to the Nuru Gel, which is quite slippery.
Unlike traditional erotic massage, in this massage we use this NURU gel, which is made of Nori Seaweed and is odorless and colorless. It is a unique experience because it includes a lot of body-to-body throughout the massage, which is imparted both with the chest of the masseuse, and with the buttocks, and never the bodily contact of the recipient and our erotic masseuse is lost.

So, How we do the spectacular Nuru Massage in Dharma Massages Madrid?

This massage is designed to be received by men and by women (and couples), because it feels very good, and why not?
Let yourself be carried away by the beat of the music and these pleasant movements will always be well received by your body.We do the Nuru Massage on a tatami, since it takes a lot of skill, technique and ability to impart it, and nothing better than the comfort of a spacious tatami to receive this massage.
After this pleasurable erotic massage on both sides of your body, we add a little bit of everything.
To make it even more intense and interactive we combine interactive tantric postures (such as the Kamasutra, yes!) Where all your visual field will also enjoy this experience, guided by expert hands with our erotic masseuses (We will publish it soon so that you know is on).
And we add to finish a very liberating Lingam (or Yoni) massage (see previous post).

Throughout the massage you will experience what it is to be on the verge of climax constantly.

And, What benefits does this Nuru Dharma Massage offer you?

– In the case of couples, it may be the hot pepper for your relationship.
– You can learn to discover beyond physical connection.
– Improve emotional connections (when you learn to receive or give and apply it in your life as a couple)
– It’s a spiritual journey.
– Significant increase in well-being after receiving it
– Total relaxation of the muscles.
– Hydration of the skin.
– Liberation of toxins from the body.

After all this,

I assure you have awakened your curiosity and want to try it !, so do not hesitate, and come to enjoy the Best Nuru Massage in our Erotic Massage Center in Madrid with very skillful erotic masseuses!

Have a good one!