We continue our previous Post, but this time with a little more Illustration about the adapted tantric postures that we use in our Erotic Massage Center of Madrid (the ones that really are possible to do, due to the difficulty!!!)

So that you have an idea and Come and live this unique experience at the Best Erotic Massage Center in Madrid, together with our unique erotic masseuses.

Recalling from the previous post, Tantra is the practice of a lifestyle in order to cultivate the body (physically speaking) and the spirit,

Why is it used or given so much importance in sexuality?

Basically speaking, the reason for the importance of sexuality in Tantra is because of its sacred nature.

I mean, sexuality allows human beings to integrate with everything, so it is a very important source of life!

And we manage to get on the road through massages, touch (yourself and / or with whom you give the massage), you can also enjoy it through vision and above all, enjoying the whole process.
The main objective is ejaculation as such. What would be optimal? Prolong these sensations (perceived throughout your body) as long as possible, and thus do not “waste” your divine energy.
In Dharma Massages Madrid, we include tantric postures adapted to some of our erotic massages so that the pleasure is as long as possible, following the Tantra practices and that you can perceive it by all your senses during an important part of the erotic and tantric massage.

What are the tantric positions that we offer in our Erotic Massage Services in Dharma Massages Madrid?

As I have told you before, they are tantric postures taken from the Book of Kama Sutra, but adapted, so that it is an experience full of feelings and also unique.
In a selection of our Erotic Massages Services, specifically those that are massages where you can interact with the erotic masseuse (s), we include some tantric postures that are really possible to do (there are many in the Kama Sutra Book), many Yes!!,

and some are very challenging to perform!!! But with practice you can do them!!!

  • Linked Vineyards Or Las Cucharas: This position is quite visual, you just have to let yourself be guided by the expert hands of your erotic masseuse. It is done sideways, stretching the legs on our tatami, and facing our strategically placed mirrors so you can enjoy this position without losing a second of what you can visually see. Sensitively it is amazing!!!
  • The Union of the Lotus: one of the most classic postures. The posture allows living the tenderness of the moment looking at the face of the erotic masseuse. Without losing an inch of body contact at all times and taking advantage of a little more Lingam Massage in this position.
  • The Merry Inverted Phoenix: in this case, and if possible to continue the previous position, this time the erotic masseuse would turn her back to the receiver, allowing herself to be caressed while her agile hands would slide down the Lingam. Great! and it remains sensitive and boldly, very perceptible by almost all the senses of your body. This position also has the variety that the Lingam can be massaged in the same position but with the feet of the erotic masseur, while the visual field is much more complete!!!
  • Agile Feet posture: I think the name is quite clear, but I still tell you. Our erotic masseuse proceeds to make strong caresses in the area of ​​the Lingam (or Yoni) with her feet, perfectly covered with tempered oil. Very rewarding according to all the positive comments we have, so it is one of the star positions!
  • Amazona posture upside down: We usually close with a flourish complete session of erotic massage combined with tantric techniques with this posture. Already in this position, the receiver returns to his horizontal resting position, and is exclusively responsible for receiving a massage by our erotic masseuse under the name of Amazona.

It is a quite receptive posture in which the final ending is included with the massage in the P-Spot or prostatic massage at the same time that you receive the Lingam Massage. Concentrate on the here and now and let yourself be carried away by emotions (controlled) and sensations.

As you can see, the World of Erotic Massage encompasses endless possibilities.

If you have not tried it before, with these illustrated explanations we assume that we have opened your appetite and desire. Come and meet us at the best Erotic Massage Center in Madrid, with unique and expert erotic masseuses.

Until the next Post, where we will talk about the Erogenous Zones of your body.