What is Tantra? Are there exercises to practice Tantra? What are the tantric positions that we offer in our Erotic Massage Services in Dharma Massages Madrid?

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a holistic experience with Buddhist origin. This practice helps people to be aware of what surrounds them and what happens in their own internal energy.

It has an antiquity of about 4,000 years, although it has arrived to us in a distorted way, it has as purpose that through different practices it is possible to expand the conscience of the human being and manages to connect in a more spiritual way with the current world.
The word Tantra, Sanskrit, has several known meanings: “tissue” “doctrine” or “rule” better known or understood as “interweave”.
Now, if Tantra is the practice of a lifestyle in order to cultivate the body (physically speaking) and the spirit,

why is it used or given so much importance in sexuality?

Basically speaking, the reason for the importance of sexuality in Tantra is because of its sacred nature.
I mean, sexuality allows human beings to integrate with everything, so it is a very important source of life!
And we manage to get on the road through massages, touch (with yourself and / or with whom you give the massage), you can also enjoy it through vision and above all, enjoying the whole process, the main objective is not ejaculation as such.

What would be optimal?

Prolong these sensations (perceived throughout your body) as long as possible, and thus do not “waste” your divine energy

It is based on existentiality and the “here and now”, that is, in the present moment.
So, basically, we are not looking for the real orgasm, but prolong that moment of full satisfaction and that the pleasure is extended as much as possible.
In Dharma Massages Madrid, we include tantric postures adapted to some of our erotic massages so that the pleasure is as long as possible, following the Tantra practices and that you can perceive it by all your senses during the whole session of erotic and tantric massage.
We adapt them by guiding us from the Book of KamaSutra, and we are sure that you will love them.
You can learn that in a state of active consciousness, the pleasure really rises, you can learn it and practice it with your significant one, because it is worth taking a little time out of our busy life and escape a bit from the routines and see what our body is capable of doing with a lot of practice.

How do we include the tantric postures to our Erotic massages?

During the erotic massage, we took some time to put into practice some very beneficial exercises (before and during the realization of adapted tantric postures we have these exercises present), that if the eye contact in front of the erotic masseuse is not present, we have mirrors strategically placed so that you stay in the here and now and always consciously and actively during the massage, and you can live and enjoy this experience to the fullest.
These are some of the exercises that our erotic masseuses put into practice together with the erotic massage you have chosen:
Coordinated breathing.

  •  <span”>Our intention during this process is that you manage to focus on the here, the now.
  • Look at the present, enjoy the now!
  • Kneeling or sitting facing your Erotic Masseuse embraced (or your partner) we practice a little coordinated breathing (calm the cravings), and you can enjoy more and better the experience; to all these you will receive part of Lingam Massage (or yoni) in this position. We also alternate it sometimes, and instead of being in front of you, we put ourselves on your back, while we hug and surround your entire body with the legs of the masseuse to breathe in time (it is bliss !!)
  • Eye contact:
    • Always maintaining the state of consciousness, as controlled as possible we will use the Vision.
    • Once again in front of the erotic masseuse, try to keep your eyes on her eyes you will surely feel things that with the stress of day to day we do not have time to appreciate about yourself. While this is happening, move your body with the tips of your fingers and massage your <span”>erogenous zones.
  • Control of the chakras.
    • This is much easier to practice, and more if you have come to our erotic massage center to release all your tensions. To practice this, you just have to lie down and receive an erotic-tantric massage<span”> all over your body, from head to toe and receive it with all the gratitude you can.
  • Master the Valley Orgasm.
    • This is very interesting, because it is basically learning to master ejaculation, and it needs a little practice.
    • Thanks to the Lingam Massages (or Yoni you could stop at the peak moment. How? Well, just when you’re on the threshold, stop! Wait, breathe, be conscious, and come back to it.
    • When you are lying on your back we do the Lingam (or Yoni) massage as pleasant as possible, with our hands, with our feet. We always get good results, and we will keep you on the edge of climax at all times!!!

There are many more practices, but in Dharma Massages, we offer you those that are possible to do here with our erotic masseuses, and I assure you, they will hit the spot!
Do not miss the second part of this Post that includes more graphically how we do the tantric postures in Dharma Massages Madrid, mixing it with some of our most demanded erotic massages, in the hands of our genuine erotic masseuses.