What is Prostatic Massage? Why do we include it in some of our Erotic Massages? How does it benefit me to receive a Prostatic massage?

The truth is that this type of questions are more frequent than you think and that is very good, although it surprises me sometimes how unkown this kind of massage is.
There are only negative comments about the prostate, but how do I explain that you have to try it sometime so that you understand? We are learning to leave the stigmas behind and try new things, and in this post we explain some interesting things.

Prostate massage

Should not be painful, on the contrary.

While it is true, you have to be tactful and know how to do it, it also influences the mental state of the person receiving it.
Always within the state of consciousness and communication with your erotic masseuse it will transform into a positive and pleasant experience.
We welcome and invite you to experience it when you’re ready, try it. It has many positive factors for those who are interested (or thinking) in trying it.

What is a prostatic massage? and why do we include it in some of our Erotic-Tantric Massage Services?

The prostate or P-Spot is a gland within the male sex organs. We add the pleasure of the Prostate Massage to a selection of Erotic and Tantric Massages of our Massage Services to extend the sensations that your body is receiving.
This is an area full of terminations and it is very receptive to touch, and when stimulated creates an ovation of intense pleasure and even orgasms (speaking only prostastically).
So, if I’m telling you all this, why not include it and benefit from all the positive things it gives you?

Our erotic masseuses will guide you through, and believe us, it is a very pleasant experience…

What are the Benefits of a Prostatic Massage?

  • It can be applied externally (which would be great to begin with),
  • It can help prevent erectile dysfunction,
  • It can help prevent prostate cancer,
  • Because it opens doors to the reversal of roles,
  • There are many products available to do it (lubricants, sex toys …)
  • Because you will have a stronger erection,
  • Will strengthen the orgasm,
  • Because it’s something new,
  • Because the stigma is in the past (or we fight to make it so)
  • Because you’re not alone if it’s something you want to try,
  • Because it can hit parts of the penis inside the body, experiencing great new sensations.


In our Erotic Massage Services you will find several massages that include the Lingam (or Yoni) massage and the Prostatic Massage and we always have good results and comments.
So do not stop coming and try it at the Best Erotic and Tantric Massage Center in Madrid with the help of unique and specialized erotic masseuses!!