What nobody tells you, what you do not dare to ask. What science knows. And many interesting things, Dharma Massages Madrid explores this topic so you know a little more about this taboo subject!

Masturbation is as normal and healthy as playing sports. The thing is that since we were small we have always heard the opposite, and they have even frightened us by making us believe that our reproductive system were going to get damaged, that we could go blind, even that we would suffer from severe acne.
There are many pros and cons about the issue of Masturbation, and today we are going to write a bit about this. ( a little of sex education never hurts).

Let’s talk a little about the Pros of Masturbation:

  • In the case of men masturbation reduces prostate cancer.
  • In the case of women can help relieve much of menstrual pain.
  • And relieve stress and pressure is suggested for both cases … So far, it sounds very benefitial  …
  • Masturbing frequently can also help in case of high blood pressure, fatigue.
  • It has been shown that it also increases or accelerates metabolism.
  • Some professionals in science and health also include insomnia and depression in relation to masturbation.
  • It also helps to maintain and produce fresh sperm.
  • Regular sex or masturbation can resolve the tension of the pelvic floor muscles to prevent erectile dysfunction and incontinence
  • The immune system can also improve when you masturbate regularly.
  • You can increase healthy sex life with your partner.
  • There are also studies that have shown that masturbation can help reduce migraines (or headaches).

And now, a bit of the “dark” side of masturbation (too much):

  • Do you remember what I told you about Acne above? Well, there is some true on that. But only if you do it at least 10 times a day, and you generate too many hormones, then, yes, you will have your face full of acne.
  • In the case of men could become a problem (only when it is excessive, I mean EXCESSIVE, about 10 times a day, 7 days a week, for a long time months or years) on the subject of Erectile dysfunction
  • For women? Also as in the case previously expressed, when you do it too many times, it produces inflammation on the genitals.
  • In summary, everything in excess does not have to be good, and can bring with it problems of blurred vision, hair loss, even loss of memory !!!
  • It can also be a cause of tension in the relationship with your partner, as it could become “difficult to please”.

And now, Masturbation and Massage Yoni or Lingam?

They say that practice leads to perfection (good and if not, at least something similar). Well, I tell you this, because when practicing the Lingam Massage (for him) or Yoni Massage (for her) you can learn to control and prolong what brings you to ecstasy in terms of climax.
So, do not forget to read our Post about it so you can get a little more guidance about all the benefits that these types of Massages designed for you can offer you, and even if they do not have ejaculation as their main objective in any of the cases , they can help you a lot on the subject, and maybe you even become an expert in the matter of retaining and staying close to the climax for longer and taking advantage of all the benefits that this practice brings.
Explore yourself, train yourself, get to know your body, and if you still want to connect more with the world of relaxation, come to Dharma Massages Madrid, where expert erotic masseuses of pleasure will please and relax all your tensions …