Today we will talk a little bit about the Lingam Massage.

But, what is a Lingam massage? Why do you include it in most of the erotic massage services that we offer? What do I get from receiving a Lingam massage?

They are one of the most frequent questions I receive when offering this service that is included in our Erotic Massage Services. Here we leave you easy answers to understand!

What is a Lingam Massage?

A Lingam Massage is a type of tantric massage that focuses mainly on the male genitalia, briefly. Its purpose is to awaken the kundalini (energy related to enlightenment).
Lingam massage is something you do for your personal evolution as a human being.

It is for people who want to “reprogram their sexual DNA” and become fully sexual beings  (that, with a little practice, time and meditation can be achieved).

This type of massage usually has an average in terms of duration of an hour and a half and up (we open your appetite with a little Lingam Massage, and we are sure you will repeat!)

Why do we include it in the Erotic Massage Services We Offer?

Besides the aforementioned, we find it interesting and important to include it in several of our massages because it improves in several aspects the experience of a true tantric massage.
They really are techniques to make the experience even more pleasant, and Dharma Team leaves you some to whet your appetite and want to come and try it at our exclusive Erotic Massage Center in Madrid:

Some techniques of Dharma Massages:

First, do not forget to breathe! It is very important that you stay conscious and connected with your Erotic Masseuse at all times, so we make sure that what you are getting is more than a good experience, you’ll love it !!
Shiatsu or General Massage: We make long passes with our fingers, hands, arms, legs and breasts on the area of ​​the penis slowly (from bottom to top trying to address the entire area).
Skiing: It is briefly “Ski” with the thumbs at different pressures and speeds on the penis.
Testicle Lover or Testicular Massage: It seems that it is the forgotten zone, but it is part of one of the most wonderful sensations that you can perceive! For this and more reasons we do not leave it out.
The perianal zone (Sacred Point); testicles (“cradling”) and pubic bone are also receptors of caresses and unique movements of the hands of our erotic masseuses.
Screwdriver: This consists of turning the penis with both hands, but in different directions at the same time (just awesome).
Frenelum or Foreskin:  This is a Circular massage. It is rather designed for the glans. And it is very pleasant! Also in turn the rest of your body does not stop being caressed.

Come on!!!

Crossed Prayer or Crossed fingers: We hold the base of the penis with both hands crossing our fingers with the thumbs up (masseuse) and slide up and down the penis (with emphasis on the glans thereof).
Cold hot. We alternate different temperatures (with our oils and / or gels specially designed for the area of ​​the penis) to increase excitation and sensitivity.
Prostate or Prostate Massage: It is one of the most intense sensations that you can perceive, while the rest of your body is caressed. The prostate, being the male G-point cannot be overlooked!
It is a super powerful emotional sexual center for sexual healing and old traumas (and tension), believe it or not, many are left accumulated right there.
The End of the Massage. After having received this massage and only if you wish, you can continue and get out of the edge of the climax, and entering the total climax.There are more techniques that we keep secret to surprise you!!!

Okay and What is the goal of the Lingam Massage?

It is more common and frequent than you think, that after this description of How we do a Lingam Massage in Dharma Massages you believe or think that we are in a hurry to reach the climax, but NO !,

On the contrary, it is done with more consideration, respect, care and desire to provide disinterested pleasure than a simple manual work.

By including this massage in our Erotic Massage Services we want you to unwind from the routine and connect with our way of seeing and feeling human sexuality. We like to help you and make you feel good, that’s why We worship your Body…

All bodies deserve to be loved, as well as respected. Our body does a lot for us every day!

What benefits does a Lingam Massage offer me?

In addition to everything you have read the Lingam massage has proven scientific, spiritual and personal benefits:
– Generates an increase libido.
– Strengthens masculine energy (its natural polarity), its sense of authority, power and leadership.
– No ejaculation (because it is not your main goal, although if it happens, be our guest)
– You can experience a full-body orgasm.
– Help with the sexual trauma accumulated in the body (of having lived it).
– Clarifies sexual conditioning (shame and guilt).- Sensitizes the body and the penis.
– Contributes to the improvement in terms of erectile dysfunction- Prevents or delays premature ejaculation
– You could become multi-orgasmic once you master the techniques (and let yourself be guided).
– And is an excellent liberator of feelings not expressed (anger, indignity or guilt of the body)

Come and try it at our Erotic and Tantric Massage Center in Madrid, you will be amazed by everything your body can feel and learn!

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