Erogenous zones. What are the erogenous zones? Where are the male erogenous zones? Dharma Massages Madrid gives you some clues …

What are the erogenous zones?

Our body! This map contains several paths that lead to a happy ending. Beyond what we “know”, our body is not limited to feeling through what is below the belt (genital area).
There is more to discover, and Dharma Massages Madrid on the slopes to explore in your body (and that of your companion).
There are many zones and erogenous spots in our body, and although we have had slight variations between one body and another, almost all are equally distributed throughout the body.
The identification of different erogenous zones can also improve sexual health; Some research suggests that stimulation of different points can produce different reactions in the body.

Anyway, and although there are many points that we do not know, the best we can do is to explore ourselves and discover the areas that we like the most about our body.

Where are the male erogenous zones?

In Dharma Massages Madrid we have discovered and asked about the male erogenous zones, and these are some clues that you can explore with your body when you have free time and you are reading this Post!

This ir for you

Ears. As you read it, yes! The ears have a lot of sensors (receivers) ready to be activated by touch.
The neck. We know that they exist but few use it! With an erotic massage, and soft and light touches there will be no one to stop you, because it has a high sensitivity to low frequency vibrations.

Your skin will not stop bristling with the magical touches of your erotic masseuse.

Mouth and Lips. The detonators of the hormone of love, oxytocin! The lips are highly sensitive. And there are several ways to activate them, either by friction, by some light and clear touch, with kisses!
Nipples. Like women?! YES! It is one of the points or erogenous zone with many pleasant endings, and with caresses, squeezes, light bites, kisses, active the heat, to  cold. Come on, you have many options in this case.
Perineum. This area that does not seem to exist, that most people do not know its use or what it could be used for.
This area that is usually left in the abandonment is because of its location, between penis and anus, it is connected to the perineal nerves, so its mission in your body is basically to transmit the sensations of sexual pleasure that you are receiving to the brain! Come on, it’s like the informant, so do not forget it.

You are missing something that is worth trying and using. Try it with Lingam Massage and Prostatic Massage.

The Scrotum. We have already reached one of the most notable and known points (although I am sure that you have either heard about the others, or have tried it).
The ability to produce sexual arousal is summarized in one of the most remarkable areas. It is a scientifically proven area super sensitive to touch, but, be careful, what is good for you does not mean that it is good for others.
I mean, that the frequency, intensity and  what stimulates you will only be known by you and to whom you share this information with, since what works for you does not have to be generalized to all men equally.
The Penis, which is not been mentioned last for any reason in particular.

On the contrary, it would be more because if I ask you, it might be the first guess.

And I’m sure that’s the way it is. The penis is a very sensitive area, which with good stimulation (we recommend the Lingam massage) to try different techniques and touches on your penis with your erotic masseuse – (see our erotic massage services for more information), contributes significantly with sexual stimulation.


I am sure that this map-guide does not surprise you at all, you have already read it, I am sure someone has already told you, maybe you have even been surprised; What I want to achieve is that it is important that you recognize them (these and any other area of ​​your body that stimulates you) and do not leave them in oblivion.

Get out of the routine, from the little time you have, experience it!

Dharma Massages Madrid offers you the best erotic and tantric massages where your erogenous zones will be part of this unique experience, with very pleasurable masseuses.
Stick around for the Next Post, HOT SPOTS// the Female Erogenous Zones.