Erogenous zones. What are the Erogenous Zones? Where are the female erogenous zones? Dharma Massages Madrid gives you some clues …

Continuing with the previous post (see male HOT SPOTS), but this time we will talk about the Female Erogenous Zones …

The truth is that there are many, but with these clues you can find more easily where they are located.
Please , remember that each body is a different map, what a person likes does not work in the same way or inensity with everyone else, like the intensity with which he receives a kiss, neither very slowly nor slowly , it depends on who gives it and who receives it ..
A good caress, in the right place could be the trigger of sensations. Get out of the rutine, and start exploring your body a bit more (or your partner’s).

Dharma Massages Madrid gives some of the most common erogenous zones and others that surely did not know, but yes, they work!

Erogenous Zones:

The inner thighs: they are quite sensitive, like the neck and lips, and with a gentle touch or rubbing, you can see how your whole body reacts before these amazing sensations! Try it with a Tantra Classic Massage!!!
– Neck and back on the neck: with a high content of nervous areas, is waiting for your caresses and kisses. It would be good to alternate caresses here, blows over there, whispers non stop … You’ll love it!
The nipples: a well-known erogenous zone, waiting for you to caress, rub, kiss.
The armpits: They are not only to tickle and cause laughter (keep in mind that first you must try it on your parnert and see if it finds it pleasant, just pay attention to their gestures). With the tips of your fingers you can experiment if your partner finds it satisfying to make gentle caresses from top to bottom, or circular.

If you do not see anything positive, leave it and go to the next one !!!

The ears: in this case, like men, the ears have a large number of nerve endings, and, well caressed, at the perfect moment they are the switch to intensify sensations. The lobe, the outer C in the ear, are willing to be left to bite, caress, kiss, lick, blow delicately .. endless possibilities guys!

Try it with a Couple Massage in Dharma Massages Madrid.

Stomach: It seems that there is an unsuspected highly erogenous area. And they are only a few centimeters long . Its most sensitive area is located between the navel and the genital area, all that area is willing to receive caresses. Why? Because it stimulates the G-spot but seen from another angle.

Play with temperatures (hot-cold), caresses, kisses even scratching sexi and delicately and girls will go crazy!

Please Enjoy more…

The Cervix: With light touches with the tip of your finger, although they respond better to the “blows” by pressure, it is a cathalisys for new sensations.
The clitoris and the vagina: Sure! We could not ignore it. A Yoni style massage would be the perfect thing to do for this pile of nerve endings. Pressure, vibration, temperature changes, licking, rubbing … Come on, there’s a lot to do.

Get creative !!!

The hands: It happens as with boys (although we do not name it, they seem to have the same feelings, so dare to try it). They have many nerve endings, which are waiting to be touch, even suck (on the fingers).
The soles of the feet: Something similar happens with the hands, they are full of nerve endings, and they launch very powerful stimuli to the brain (sexually speaking) when they are well caressed, massaged, kissed …
The lips: with their high content of nerve endings, they are always exposed to receiving a kiss, a caress. You should not forget the lips for wanting to try new things guys !!!

An infinity of possibilities, that well used  can give us a little advantage and variety.

Try it with our erotic Massages Services, you are going to love it!!! Did you know about these erogenous zones? This is a material compiled by the  team of Dharma Massages Madrid, and we hope you like it and put them into practice.
In our next post we will tell you a little more about: The Types of Erotic Massages that Dharma Massages Madrid and the best erotic masseuses (girls and boys) has to offer. Do not miss it!!!