Dharma Massages Madrid tells you some interesting things about The G-spot. Where is the G-spot in a woman’s body? Can The Yoni Massage help me stimulating the G-spot? And other interesting things from the Point G

…A unique erogenous zone that brings with it a lot of nerves and tissues that accumulate, transform or change before a stimulus? Yes, it exists, and it has a first and last name “The G-spot”.

A common question I often hear is whether stimulating a woman’s G-spot is equally as effective among the female sex equally. The answer is no!
Not all of them feel the same pleasure, nor do they all like to be touched with the same rhythms, or pressures, or anything. So, to clarified this point, we continue …

And, where is this G-spot?

If we draw a clock on the body of a woman, where 12 would point towards the head, because in that same direction we would find that famous Point G or G Spot.
It is not so easy or so simple to find it, believe me. Even for self-exploration, by the angle (backward) in which it is located, it is almost impossible. But, that’s what your little hands are for!

But do not believe that it is easy to please. It is a complicated Point.


Basically because what has worked with some girl or partner, does not have to be functional in the same way for another girl, in addition to what worked well with the same girl this morning, does not have to work in the same way at night,

Let’s go. You have to work with patience.

Exploring it subtly with your fingers would be the right thing to do, but, as I said before, it does not mean that it comes with instructions, nor that it will work just as well every time you try it.
Before arriving at this G-spot, we recommend that you work a little the intimate moment of heat with your partner to be prepared. Because she does not always want to be touched or caressed.

What is the best thing you can do?

Learn to perceive gestures of your partner. They will be the best indicators that you are on the right track.
So, always, always, always, I have repeated it in several Post, and I repeat it in this one,each body is totally different from another, and what works perfectly with one body, does not have to work with another.
Exactly the same as what happens with the Erogenous Zones we have been talking about before (SEEING FEMALE AND MALE HOT-SPOTS) occurs with Point G.

When stimulating the Point G you can have different results: There are those who have incredible orgasms!

Those we feel contribute to the Sexual Act! And those who neither feel it nor identify it, or simply prefer to move on because they have not experienced anything positive.

What would be the Best?

Do not wait for anything, and let it surprise you !! (So nobody should be discouraged, but come on, it would be good to try).

The Yoni Massage and the G Spot?

In previous Post we have mentioned a Massage technique specifically designed for the Vagina, or the Yoni. Yes, Yoni Massage, a Sanskrit word very well used.
By learning to master these techniques, with a little practice, patience and dedication we could perform an excellent G-spot massage as well.
To find the point G, then you should “bend or arch” your fingers forming a C, slip them into the vagina and explore. You could find a surface “different from the rest” with just the touch.

That would be the point G, a soft, spongy skin behind the clitoris.

The ideal would be (once found or in the process of) massaging it with gentle and delicate movements, but alternating, between pressure, slips and rapidity.

For what?

To find in detail what at that precise moment may or may not work for you. Simultaneously to this mentioned, you could even massage the clitoris or the pubic bone, and achieve a very very explosive orgasm !!!

What would be interesting about the stimulation of Point G?

Do not focus or be frustrated by not finding it at the first attempt, do not expect anything in return and that you enjoy the experience completely. Do not forget about the other parts of the body that are waiting to be explored too. Involves the G-spot, the clitoris, the nipples.

Anyway, live and enjoy a unique experience!

In Dharma Massages Madrid we make an effort to let you know your body a bit more (or your partner’s), and we are sure that these tricks and this text that we have written will relieve a bit the pressure of the mythical G-Spot and everything that brings.
Do not forget to visit us in the Best Massage Center of Madrid, with unique erotic masseuses with a lot of knowledge on your erogenous zones and the Yoni Massages.

In Dharma Massages Madrid, we pay tribute to your body!