For Dharma Massages Madrid and its team, it is very important that the following considerations be taken into account by both parties (Client-Masseur) in order to fully enjoy this unique experience at its maximum expression:

  • Let yourself be guided by our massage therapists during the whole session. Expert hands will accompany and vibrate throughout the session.
  • Taking into account the topic of hygiene, and everything that the sensual experience entails, we ask you to take into account the personal and intimate hygiene; thus the experience will be pleasant to its maximum expression.
  • Our massage therapists are committed and experienced professionals, who also have a private training imparted at our center, therefore, THEY HAVE PROHIBITED IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE THE SEXUAL PRACTICE IN ANY OF THEIR FORMS, NOR ACCEPT THE PAYMENT OF WHAT MENTIONED, ** THEY ARE NOT ESCORTS **, so we ask you to treat the (Professionals) politely and respectfuly at all times and refrain from requesting or insisting in the practice of these acts. Enjoy this unique experience.
  • Consider the masseuse at all times, as well as the Center’s facilities.

Dharma Massages has an internal policy and acceptance of strict Codes of Conduct which are necessary for the proper functioning and prestige that endorses us.

In the event of unfulfilling any code of conduct described above or any other mistreatment towards the (massage therapist), we will be forced to stop the service immediately. The client must pay the proportional part to the time of enjoyment of the Service already provided and leave the center in a respectful manner.

Enjoy with Dharma Massages Madrid, relaxing music, unique aromas and our beatiful Erotic Masseuses for a Unique Erotic Experience.

Come and visit us.

You are going to love it!!!

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